If you are in the Miami-Dade area and you qualify for Section 8 Housing, let us help you find the right home within our portfolio of properties.

Section 8 is a housing choice voucher program funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Section 8 Housing Program was authorized by Congress in 1974 to provide rent subsidies for eligible families and single persons living in new, renovated, and existing single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and small and large multifamily properties.

Tenants approved for Section 8 are free to choose the property they want to rent, provided that the dwelling has been approved by the local public housing agencies (PHAs). HUD publishes an online list of PHAs with contact information for individual cities and states: HUD PHA Contact Information.

Section 8 rental subsidies are provided to landlords on behalf of eligible low-income families. HUD defines "low-income families" as families whose annual income is 80% or less than the median income for the area that a Section 8 rental property is located in, adjusted for the size of the family.

The amount of assistance HUD pays a Section 8 landlord each month is based on the tenant's income eligibility and the area's fair market rent, as determined by HUD.

A Section 8 tenant receives a voucher that pays up to 70% of the monthly rent plus utilities. Any difference between the amount of money a landlord receives from HUD and the actual monthly rent charged to the Section 8 tenant by the landlord is paid by the tenant.

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